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H Bird - Operation: Fascination

by Eva Stepniewska Rating:8 Release Date:2011-01-10

H Bird is a smooth running music operation producing a lovely feel good music. Think Blondie with quiet (and sometimes louder) electronics and witty texts. Add a splash of morning-after heartbreak and a bit of Dusty Springfield's charm and voila! There you have H Bird.

Their debut album Operation: Fascination opens with the uplifting 'Violet'. It contains just the right amount of 80s electro and has a nice poppy feel to it. If one is after a cosy lounge piece, 'Pink Lights & Champagne' is definitely the winner. It's dreamy, charming and with a comfortable armchair and a cup of hot chocolate, it would be a match made in heaven. But the girls are not just all about dreaminess and cosy afternoons. There is quite a lot of punch in their music and in their texts. "C'mon, dry your eyes, you'll water down your drink that way" ('Sour Martinis') is just one of the gems on this album. And there are plenty more.

H Bird are Kate Dornan (vocals, keyboards), Kasia Middleton (keyboards, vocals) and Aug Stone (music) and after listening to the album one almost imagines them having blonde beehives and smoking slim long cigarettes. A delightful album, perfect for a long drive or to accompany a lonely afternoon tea.

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