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Woolly Jumpers - A Selection of Wool Recordings Tunes

by Nathan Fidler Rating:4.5 Release Date:2011-01-03

Take a look at the artists on offer from this collection of Woolly Jumpers recordings. Does Wolf People catch your eye as a shiny new, upcoming band? Well, forget it. Their track is something of a letdown.

Here 'Frank' of Wool Recordings has compiled a record of songs from his label and like-minded bands for your enjoyment. The result is underwhelming, what should be a record brimming with underground talent is merely a collection of dreamy folk-pop artists stuck pushing a long broken wagon from the past. This is the kind of thing you might pick up in the hope of unearthing a gem or two to go and investigate, maybe researching the bands listed.

Le Volume Courbe provide some relief with their hushed track 'This & That' which sounds like a shy love song left on someone's answer machine. When Luther Russell kicks off '1st & Main' your ears might prick up, thinking Elliott Smith has come back to life but it turns out the spidery guitar and vocals are either a very good copy or just an unfortunate coincidence. Suddenly Sunshine might just make the 18 track record worth casting an eye across; with some fatty horns and a catchy chorus, they show they aren't afraid to break across tempos and emotions.

If after the 18 tracks are finished you find a few bands you might like to hear more from then you've done well. Without having more material from each band to go on it would be wrong to slam any of them - this is, after all, a collection put together by one man who clearly knows what he likes and wants to share it with you. The collection itself is by no means offensive. However, if you're not even close to being on Franks wavelength then you might find yourself a touch bored. The best thing to do at that point would be to shake hands with Frank and part ways amicably.

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