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Moshi Moshi Presents... - A Christmas Gift for You EP

by Dan Clay Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-12-13

Moshi Moshi have a reputation for excelling in the alternative scene and this year's festively-themed EP certainly cuts a neat path through the X-Factor tosh to provide modern takes on seasonal classics. Slow Club's cover of Darlene Love's 'Please Come Home' is a faithful but melodic re-working while Summer Camp's take on '

' forgoes a beat and introduces electronica and distorted vocals to pleasing effect. James Yuill's version of 'Winter Wonderland' takes a cue from its minor key, starting acoustically before launching into a synth cover.

The upbeat Ingo Star Cruiser add all sorts of jolly glee and fun to 'Just Like Christmas' with the pick of the EP, while Idiot Glee's take on 'White Christmas' strums out over a backdrop of ghostly backing vocals. Rounding things off Hot Club De Paris do their best Wombats impression on 'Will You Still Be in Love with Me Next Year?' while The Wave Pictures turn in their previously released version of '

' as a decent bonus.

Turn Japanese, embrace the season and say "hello" to some Christmas cheer.

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