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Middle Class Rut - No Name No Color

by Nathan Fidler Rating:8 Release Date:2010-11-22

There has been a great deal of anger in America over the last ten years, about all sorts, and aimed at seemingly everyone and everything. There has not, however ,been such a concise, clear album where the anger has been uncompromising and loud for quite some time.

Just the name Middle Class Rut immediately tells you that this is a band who have something to say about this day and age. 'Busy Bein' Born' is a steady and brooding introduction, but quickly you'll sense signs of unrest. This unrest is given a outlet in 'USA' in which vocalist Zack Lopez shouts from the roof tops about "enemies outside your door" and locking up your "shit". After all these statements of fear about America's suburban paranoia and capitalist greed there are several blasts of "I'm from the USA!". It's essentially a call to arms it's every bit as compelling as anything Rage Against the Machine or System of a Down have ever written. The difference with Middle Class Rut is they make their sound very claustrophobic, the songs are full of energy and a fast burning hate. Loneliness and the pressure of expectation are rife across the album with songs such as 'I Guess You Could Say' and 'Dead End'. If you look for anything beneath the surface you'll be disappointed; take it on face value, take it on the chin and revel in the concentrated storm.

Although in terms of musicianship there isn't anything out of the ordinary, these boys manage to create a massive sound. They are the sound of their generation; essentially privileged but now constantly held back and haunted by anger and hate which they are expected to inherit. It's a rousing effort with a defining sound for the here and now, applicable to the UK just as much as it is for the US where seeds of greed will bear a jaded and disillusioned fruit. It's a rock album which is summed up in the line "Your system is over and I'm gonna let it burn" - clearly they have predicted the riots.

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