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Goodluck Jonathan - This is Our Way Out 2

by Emma Perry Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-11-29

Releasing their first EP in September, Brighton five-piece Goodluck Jonathan are relative newcomers to the scene, but with this second installment, it's clear they're coming on in leaps and heaps. This Is Our Way Out 2 is math rock shorn of all the tediously meandering atmospherics, compressed and contained as roaring indie tunes. Precision is key: the weights and balances between the drums and guitars are immaculate. The thunderous, steam-piston rhythm keeps the shifting dynamics from straying into pointless guitar widdling and pulls each song together to a taut, hook-heavy whole.

They play on the knife's edge, racing towards consummation; their music is propelled by an obsessive, antsy energy. This is best shown on stand-out track 'Backs to the Wall', alternately Foals-like twitch and a balls-out, battery assault of drums and stabbing guitars. It's this coiled-spring musical sensibility, coupled with vocalist Nick Brookes' Orlando Weeks-ian style of ardent delivery, that gives the contents of This is Our Way Out 2 a focus and urgency that, song-wise, places Goodluck Jonathan firmly in the ascent.

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