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Lords of Falconry - Lords of Falconry

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-10-11

"Got to be free/ Twenty-first century/ Got to be free," groans the lead singer of Lords of Falconry on this debut's opening track, the rather wonderfully named 'Doomsday Legislation'. The music which accompanies this sparkling lyrical insight is prime grinding Stooges garage rock shot through with retro-trippy cosmic effects. It's the perfect introduction to an album which is so-dumb-its-smart most of the time and, sometimes, just gloriously dumb.

Lords of Falconry wear their drugginess like the ultimate signifier of cool, occasionally at the expense of producing better, more rounded songs. 'Scottish Chords' and 'Osirion' are pretty formless stoner rock jams; there may be little in the way of substance here but they sure sound impressive, like stars imploding and space-time vortexes ripping asunder. Meanwhile, 'Mariana, 'Rosebud'' and 'Manifest Destiny' look towards late-60s/early-70s hard rock, mixing Hendrix and Sabbath riffs with a suitably hippy-dream-gone-sour vibe.

Elsewhere, Lords of Falconry blend Hawkwind style space rock with Acid Mothers Temple expansiveness and get some impressive results, particularly on heavy closer, 'Creeping, the Ether'. Next time round, the Lords might want to consider flexing their song-writing muscles a little more and their soloing fingers a little less, but then again, it's clear the duo have achieved exactly what they set out to do on this debut: rock very loudly, very hard, in a psychedelically unhinged fashion, for quite a long time. For that, we salute them.

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