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Chicken Lips - Experience of Malfunction

After a brief hiatus from the scene, in which the band members pursued individual and successful solo projects, Chicken Lips are back. The album, Experience of Malfunction, is a welcome restatement of their infectiously funked vintage analogue sound. The album name is an allusion to their dealings with unreliable old sound equipment, but their purist attitude to production, as ever, has paid off in the rich tones of this record. Reverberating funk basslines will have you bouncing 'til track 10, whilst the 80s synthed vocals of newest band member Johnny Spencer lend a twang of irony to tracks such as 'End of the Beginning', and 'Kudashuda' - this only adds to the fun.

A couple of tracks lean in a more industrial direction than previous Lips work - 'No More' features dramatic shimmering space chords, while 'On a Stick' shuffles sexually along a downtempo groove, complimented by bongos and, err… lasers. Long live industrial dub disco! The Lips have properly pulled it off; a class record with a vintage sound that's simply oozing funk - with a large dose of musical irony. Great, buy it.

Funkiest track, 'She Fish'; dancefloor slammer 'On a Stick'.

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