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Sore Eros - Know Touching

by James Bray Rating:7 Release Date:2010-12-13

On their second LP, Conneticut's Sore Eros deliver more ethereal, alt-pop music. In it's kind of breathy sensuality, Know Touching is remiscent of groups like Mercury Rev or The Flaming Lips. However, Sore Eros' prodction is more wilfully indie-organic and more messy than these big rock acts. So, on Know Touching the emphasis is certainly on lo-fi but it's still really well executed. There is plenty of xylophone sweetnes, twinkling analogue keyboards and acoustic guitars, but this is all offset by swirling distortions. The end result is a kind of subverted pop record.

The group are certainly influenced by The Velvet Underground and, to a lesser extent, Belle & Sebastian. The whole album is founded on that kind of rarefied, rock-pop music, 'Giraffe's Kiss' being one of the best examples of this. Sore Eros take simple, effective melodies and embellish them with washes of sound and atmosphere and, in general, this approach works really well.

The depth and lushness of the distortion increases on songs like 'Deep Aside', which feels a bit like 60s californian experimentation. Throughout the album the group indulge in this kind of psychedelic sentimentality, but thankfully, their pop sensibilities are never too far from the fore. The band works best when there is an effective balance between melody and noise, which they achieve on songs like 'Make it Louder'.

The album is enjoyable and atmospheric if somewhat undertstated; the vocals, though evocative, are sometimes too hushed or muffled. In spite of this, Sore Eros have still made a good album of high-minded, woozy pop music.

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