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Wax Taylor - In the Mood for Life

by Amy Baker Rating:8 Release Date:2010-10-25

In the Mood for Life is the third album and latest offering from French trip hop DJ, Jean Christophe Le Saout or as he is better known, Wax Taylor. For anyone fond of hip hop combining soul, break beat and old school vibes, In the Mood for Life is the album for you. Taylor has recruited an impressive array of collaborators to feature on the album. Swedish hip hop group Speech Defect certainly deliver on my favourite track of the album 'B-Boy on Wax'. With its old school vibe, this would be guaranteed to have me on the dancefloor. 'Until Heaven Stops the Rain' features Mattic and is another high point of the album.

On tracks 'Leave It', 'Dry Your Eyes' and 'Go Without Me' Dionne Charles, Sara Genn and Charlotte Savary provide sultry vocals which lend a soul vibe to an album where there is already so much going on. For some, it could be confusing. Is this a hip hop album? Trip hop? Soul? Well, it seems that it is all of the above and that's not a bad thing. Taylor appears to be channelling The Avalanches, Nightmares on Wax and a little bit of J5. Potentially, three of my faves. This album is a complete showcase of his skill and diverse taste and delivers on all levels.

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