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Twin Shadow - Forget

by Darren Loucaides Rating:8 Release Date:2010-11-15

Forget is the charming debut effort of Twin Shadow. You'd be forgiven for thinking it is the produce of a four or five-piece band; the distinct voice and personality of each instrument pays testament to the considerable talents of George Lewis Jr, who wrote and recorded these songs alone in his Brooklyn apartment. Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor was an early admirer of his abilities, signing him to his label, Terrible Records, in 2009 before 4AD got involved. He gets a 'co-producer' credit on Forget, and it's clear that his brooding, melancholic touch plays its part on the overall sound of the album.

Unlike some of Grizzly Bear's music, though, none of the 11 songs here demand much of the listener. Forget taps into the all-pervasive 80s nostalgia currently ruling the hearts and minds of indie kids across the planet; as such, it makes for fairly harmless background music that won't disturb any delicate tasks at hand, or change your life. That's not to belittle it. As a love letter to 80s synth pop, this is a sensitive, authentic album, seemingly bereft of the mercurial cynicism motivating countless other so-called 'revivalist' bands.

Guitars splashing and melting under the surface of organ-synths being danced on by simple-keyed, twinkly melodies, stirred with sexily low basslines (that occasionally indulge in a bit of slap), and pure Joy Division drums… It all makes for a pleasant amble down a pretend memory lane. Lewis' loosely multi-tracked voice - a comforting croon boasting dashes of Ian McCulloch and Morrissey - sits high in the mix, but rarely exerts itself beyond a harmonious groan. The result is a dreamy, wistful atmosphere, full of deep blues and blacks, irresistibly cool, dangerously inviting.

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