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Plug - Plug

by James Bray Rating:4.5 Release Date:2010-11-15

Plug's music is founded on rudimentary drum beats and clumsy casio keyboard melodies. Within the right context this musical aesthetic can effectively evoke a sparse urban landscape. Plug are obviously influenced by groups like The Pet Shop Boys, Gary Numan and Roxy Music but their songs fall well short of the stylized alienation of their heroes. They come out sounding like The xx crossed with a reggae band, in a bad way.

The uninspired instrumentation is accompanied by the various singers' vocals which are pretty high up on the mix. This doesn't really help the musical dynamic as the vocal delivery on the album ranges from performance art shouting to naive, surburban rapping.

Plug are obviously a group who are learning how to make music as they go and they do manage to translate some of the energy and passion of their performances on to this record. I suspect that the band will continue, unphased by such languid criticism; they may even go on to create a much more accomplished record. They can certainly do better than this amateurish effort.

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