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The Narcoleptic Dancers - Not Evident EP

by Louise Harlow Rating:7 Release Date:2010-11-18

Given the biog details that come with this French-Dutch duo's debut EP, their press agency must have found servicing this record as challenging as selling smack to Bez. Anton Louis Jr - the product of his Dutch football hero father's extra-marital affair in 1978 - only met his half-sister Melody Van Kappers less than a decade ago at a family gathering to smooth over the ensuing rift. And so.... the healing balm of shared musical anorak-y tendencies soothed over any awkward familial dysfunctions, and the magnificently monikered duo set forth to sail the ambient waters of charmingly non-threatening she-pop. It's a PR wet dream.

And indeed it is all a bit dreamy (in a far more wholesome sense of course): the five tracks of Not Evident waft past with barely a 'by your leave' - mega for those with attention spans comparable to a volatile five-year-old, frustrating if you're trying to get a grip on The Narcoleptic Dancers' coy, sun-speckled pop wares. Not wishing to conduct some entirely ignorant 'girl + boy = every other boy + girl outfit' mathematics, but *cough* it does sound a lot like a She & Him record...

Still, worse things happen at sea, and there's an undeniable appeal to Van Kappers' winsome vocals, and the cabaret tinged percussion which rattles along underneath her on the title track. 'Unique Tree' sounds destined for indie film soundtrack notoriety, and the bubblegum brush-off of 'Rastakraut' is arguably as wry and well-observed as anything Kate Nash did before she started dressing like a goth and went a bit shit. It's all sweet and breezy, but there would be no Narcoleptic Dancer-shaped hole in the universe if Not Evident hadn't have come into being. Still, it sure is pretty nice stuff to have on in the background while wondering what a hole left by a sleep-prone go-go girl might actually look like...

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