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To Bury A Ghost - The Hurt Kingdom

by James Bray Rating:4 Release Date:2010-12-06

I guess you could say that it shows real conviction and resolve to start your career with an EP that has as much musical bravura as The Hurt Kingdom. Unfortunately, To Bury a Ghost's lofty ambitions fall short in every department. The music is alt-rock at heart but the spiky guitars are often embellished with florid orchestrations, strings and piano arpeggios. The main problem is that the songs don't stand up; they lack coherence and melody, which are two pretty big stumbling blocks to get over.

To Bury a Ghost's aesthetic consists of them festishising the melancholic; the have a kind of fairground gothic sound that evokes bad horror movies. The group's main problems are that they are utterly derivative and that their first EP consists of them emulating Muse with thoroughly underwhelming results. Everything from the vocal delivery, to the guitars, to the orchestration are lifted from uber-dweeb Matt Bellamy's band. Despite having put a lot into this project, To Bury a Ghost haven't really managed to write a song or forge an identity for themselves.

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