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We Are Trees - Boyfriend

by James Bray Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-11-09

It's difficult to maintain any kind of critical reserve after a few listens to We Are Trees' debut EP; it's really something to behold. It will have you straight away, right from the breathy vocal hook of opener 'Sunrise/Sunset.' We Are Trees are purveyors of a kind of progressive beach pop that's full of understated hooks. The somewhat strange musical arrangements on the EP work really well. The tracks are led by simple acoustic guitar rhythms which are layered with James Nee's vocals and some uplifting strings; the result makes for compelling listening.

The music is lush in the depth's of it's longing; it evokes a kind of hushed california yearning. However, the band are not from LA, they actually hail from Virginia Beach and there is something distinctly coastal in the music. They evoke a melodramatic and swooping, surfer melancholy that is atlantic in it's scope. They could be compared to bands like Grizzly Bear or even Midlake but We Are Trees' sound is really original. If they use this EP as a template for their first long player then this group is bound for success.

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