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Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2000-07-17

Modest Mouse is the new cult. The new sound. The new redefinition of rock. Front man Isaac Brock--a scrawny, drug-ravaged figure from the Northwest of America--has been singing his tales of social and mental isolation, his stories of life from the Edge Cities of America, for years now. Rolling his words round in circular motions, always flurried, always concerned above a background that draws on elements of Joy Division, Radiohead, DJ Shadow--anyone intense with a guitar and a mixing desk; anyone who believes in the cleansing, scouring power of music. On The Moon & Antarctica, guitars bend and warp into the oddest of shapes, while words swim intoxicatingly round the mind. Look at the song titles: "Wild Packs Of Family Dogs", "Paper Thin Walls", "I Came as a Rat"--each one is a minor novella. The proof is here; this American trio is bigger than life itself. --Everett True

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