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Air - The Virgin Suicides

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2000-02-28

French avant-pop duo Air's third album is the soundtrack to the Sofia Coppola movie about a brace of teenage sisters whose beauty mesmerises the local boys and whose suicides devastate the community. It's a Gothic, faintly silly romantic fantasy about lust for the unattainable, and Air's enigmatic "pure pop" treatment is the perfect musical backdrop. Tracks like "Playground Love" and "Highschool Lover" are deceptively candy-coated pieces of puppy lover's pop, all sighing saxophones and dippy keyboards, while "Bathroom Girl" is a slo-mo vision of beauty. With the spookier synth pulses and black vibes of "Cemetery Party" and "Dark Messages", however, Air get to signal the weirder undercurrents of the movie, while "Dead Bodies" is a full-on Gothic wig-out complete with a sisterly choir from beyond the grave. --David Stubbs

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Air - The Virgin Suicides - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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