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Team Ghost - Celebrate What You Can't See

by Katy Ledger Rating:7 Release Date:2010-10-11

Team Ghost's first EP You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me, released in May this year, refused to be constricted by genre and thus NME, unable to simply let the EP remain uncategorised, created an entire new genre to describe it: cold gaze. Now Team Ghost have delivered Celebrate What You Can't See and if you, like the NME, have an insatiable fondness for grouping things together then Celebrate… will probably fall into this same cold gaze category. It is, however, an easier to digest and altogether more blissed-out project then its predecessor.

Team Ghost are made up of multi-instrumentalist Christopher Guerin, producer Jean-Phillipe Tagala and founding member of French electro star-gazers M83, Nicolas Fromageau, so it's no surprise that Team Ghost are of the same ilk as M83, with an unearthly, minimal and hypnotic mix of ambient synths, crashing symbols, guitar crescendos and occasional breathy vocals. The title track sums up the mood of the EP, an ethereal ascent complete with the electronic twinkle of stars and the gentle ebb and flow of the waves.

While no track really stands out on its own, this is not detrimental as Celebrate What You Can't See works as a complete piece equalling to 16 minutes of slow-burning, golden layered ambience, Like the musical equivalent of a Radox bubble bath, just let it wash over you and take away all your troubles.

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