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K'S Choice - Echo Mountain

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2010-10-18

Siblings can sometimes make a great pop duo. The Gallaghers, for all their testosterone pomp, still managed to fire out a few great tunes, and Embrace and the Finn brothers sure have a knack of working well together in the studio and beyond. Nineties successes Gert and Sarah Bettens' K's Choice repeated that trick a few years ago with some seriously good music and now, eight years later, they're back for a reunion album. Will it recapture that magic?

The simple answer is yes. Spread over two CDs, Echo Mountain showcases a range of musical styles. Though it's Sarah who grabs most of the vocal spoils, a duet with Gert on opener

sets a strong tone for the following 15 tracks. "If your eyes are the gateway to your soul/What's broken will be whole again/And whole is hard to shatter," the pair sing over a soft backing.

Things remain consistently good throughout the rest of the album. Whether it's the rockier edge of the

, the band haven't skimped on the moorish melodies. The poppy beat of 'Let It Grow' and 'Perfect' combine well with the more folksy acoustic sound of '16' and closing track 'How Simple It Can Be'.

The two CDs, though well matched as a whole, showcase a different tone on each. The first is poppier, happier and more radio-friendly, while the latter is more reflective and melancholy as sensed on the brisk 'Killing Dragons'. However, it's

that sticks out most from this second set of tunes, an almost ode to Aimee Mann's tales of Americaas Sarah's voice soulfully rekindles that former magic.

This is one echo that's well worth hearing again.

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