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No Age - Everything in Between

by Steve Reynolds Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-09-27

The duo that is No Age have come along way since their 2007 debut, Weirdo Rippers, not only in expansion of their lo-fi experimental sound but inking a deal with uber-credible label Sub Pop.

Whilst Weirdo Rippers remained lyrically incoherent and awash with white noise, their second album Nouns (debut on Sub Pop) really honed in on their craft for clever hooks and hoover sounding guitar fuzz.

This their third offering, Everything in Between is much more introspective, almost like a coming of age for the Los Angeles based two-piece. The fuzz isn't there and the drone has been replaced by a slacker-style crunchier sound, which is evident on 'Glitter'. Their songs are much more open and accessible while retaining the earthy resonance of Randy Randall's guitar. It's less pedal more medal.

Spunt's vocals are much more polished and prominent on this new offering. There is more of an emphasis on his poetical singing style and, OK, he isn't blessed with the greatest voice of all time, but it's still a healthy refrain, which is evident on 'Common Heat'.

'Skinned' has a trance/psychedelic sound which shows that No Age aren't afraid to dabble in areas of electronica, but it lasts barely a minute before a heavy skittle of kettle drums and indecipherable ramblings brings the whole thing crashing to an abrupt end. However, the boys still don't want to lose their love of blissed-out noise and cinematic glide guitar, which made them their name with tracks such as 'Katerpillar'

No Age have dismembered their discordant, cathartic sound and replaced it with something that is simply a progression on their previous two albums. If this is your introduction to the band, you will probably love it. If you've been a fan since the beginning, you're probably longing for those yelps, primal beating drums and serrated guitar which makes them so loveable. This is one that will test the patience of their hardcore fans but could open up the band to a host of new ones in the same instance. Which side of the fence will you sit on?

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