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Glasser - Ring

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-09-20

LA's Cameron Mesirow (aka Glasser) follows up last year's 'Apply' EP with this fantastically assured, spooky but seductively passionate debut. Kicking off with the still stunning 'Apply', a glorious, mildly unhinged mix of ethereal Kate Bush sexuality and primal Banshees-esque tribalism, Ring positively brims with confidence. A spiritual sister to Effi Briest, Mesirow ploughs a similarly bewitched furrow. However, where that band's excellent debut Rhizomes ached with existential angst, Ring is a more swinging affair. The xylophone-happy, string-drenched 'Home' is like Feist minus the slightly wearying kookiness. Kate Bush seems to be a strong influence on Mesirow, with 'Plane Temp' recalling the earthy sensuality of Bush's later works.

Elsewhere, tracks such as 'Tremmel', 'Mirror Age' and 'T' see Mesirow tip her hat to The Knife and Fever Ray. Each one is an odd, beguiling little pop gem. Third track 'Glad' is perhaps the only misstep on the album, its trad folk wandering into overly-mannered, fussy Laura Marling territory, but its combination of strings, banjo and sax is still inventive and engaging.

Overall, nothing quite matches 'Apply's startling, ghostly yet militaristic sound, but this is still an incredibly strong debut from a lady worth keeping an eye on.

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