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Engineers - In Praise Of More

by Dan Clay Rating:6 Release Date:2010-09-27

After releasing their second album, Three Fact Finder, to much acclaim last year, Mark Peters' Engineers have recruited a few new faces and put out their third effort quickly for fans to hear the results of fresh collaborations.

Some of it works well. After a rather unmelodic and rambling opening number 'Twenty Paces', the synth-heavy pop of 'To an Evergreen' better suits Peter's smooth voice with it's darker hues and tones. "I felt the seasons change by the way your turned your eyes/Away from where I stood to an evergreen...Like it's all a dream" he sings over an almost choral backing.

Folky 'There Will Be Time' also impresses with its simple acoustic tune while the rockier 'Press Rewind' reminds of a less poppy Ian Broudie/Lighning Seeds effort as Peters tells us "You can't start a fire as the falling rain gets stronger". The title track itself also bounces along nicely in a landscape of poppy electronica and soulful vocals.

Of the rest on this concise track listing, the dreamy 'Las Vega' and piano ballad 'Nach Hause' stand out, even if by a few listens in tracks begin to merge and highlights lessen slightly. A decent third effort although, much like Rick Senley's Music for Voyeurs, perhaps Engineers could do some fine tuning to sharpen their sound, develop a little more melody and create something dynamic enough to really make waves; sound waves.

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