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RESTLESS PEOPLE - Restless People

by Paul Downey Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-09-14

Straight out of Brooklyn, Restless People clearly are intent making waves in the indie world. My first reaction and comparison for this short but sweet effort, was The Rapture's 2006 album Pieces of People We Love. A slick electro-indie effort which laid down a self-assured groove as well as being instantly memorable.

Opener 'Day of Our Lives' is a snappy, catchy and full-on track which kicks into its groove instantly, setting the wheels in motion for this essential journey. What is most striking about the entire playlist here, is the simplicity of it all; pop music was never meant to be complex, something Restless People understand. Create the melodies and beats, but keep it simple.

This is most true of the sugar sweet 'Victimless Crime' which clocks in just over two-and-a-half minutes, but is so bubbly that you wish it wouldn't end. 'Basic Needs' extends their sound in search of the anthemic, something maybe a little deeper. It is more of a straight electro song but never the less achieves its goal.

'Practical Magic' and 'Practical Magic II' could not be anymore different, the first being a fast tempo tune, whereas the follow-up is more of a slow burner, which shows a more rugged side to their sound.

Overall, their sound is recognisable and will surely create many immitators as well as people shouting it has already been done, but this tight collection of tunes will certainly be the finest effort of its kind this year.

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