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White Hills - Stolen Stars Left for No One

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2010-09-20

Mark E. Smith once sang about the joys of repetition, listening to White Hills you can see that the man had a point. Opening track 'Drift Away' lets a hypnotic rhythm section lead us through just under 15 minutes of trance inducing repetition, headphone engulfing psychedelia and Hendrix-esque wig outs. Its uncompromising space-rock at it's best; to bemoan the fact that it barley deviates from its basic structure throughout its entire length would be to miss the point entirely. Just try and remember the three Rs: repetition, repetition, repetition. Second track 'Nothing Less' starts with some pretty spaced-out synths, building and building with subtle changes throughout into a wall of drone and noise - in other words, it's great. This moves seamlessly into the penultimate 'Don't Touch Me, I'm Bleeding'. The drone's still there but the rhythm section's back too. Cymbals and a snaking bass line lead us further into the increasingly hazy world of White Hills. Then it's all over, although you get the feeling someone just stopped recording them and White Hills carried on playing for a good few hours.

Think of the second to last track on the first QOTSA album ('You Can't Quit Me Baby'), take away the vocals, add a love of Earth and all things drone, stronger drugs and some classic psychedelia and you get the Stolen Stars Left for No One EP. Probably best enjoyed while 'relaxing with recreational goods' at Stonehenge with Julian Cope at three in the morning. Failing that just stick your headphones in and smoke a cigarette...

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