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The Warlocks - Rise and Fall

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2001-10-01

Rise and Fall, the Warlocks debut album, rocks like a Weeble on a rollercoaster. Boasting a four-pronged guitar blitzkrieg and two drummers, the LA-based octet concocts hypnotic, fuzz-frazzled rock & roll. "Jam of the Witches", an epic 14-minute freak-out, is typical. Founded on a throbbing narcotic drone, a la Spaceman 3, it gradually swells before exploding in an almighty maelstrom of white noise. Equally thrilling, "Caveman Rock" cranks the amps up to 11 with a nocturnal blues swamp swagger. However, it's not all sonic mayhem; frontman Bobby Hecksher and co are similarly skilled with blissed-out psych reveries. Opener, "Song for Nico", pays mellifluous homage to the deceased Velvet Underground chanteuse while the soporific country twang of "House of Glass" echoes all those Gram Parsons-inspired Rolling Stones songs such as "Wild Horses". On the evidence of this stunning debut, the Warlocks' fortunes are destined to rise and rise. --Chris King

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