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Les Savy Fav - Go Forth

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2007-11-12

Go Forth is the third full-length album from Brooklyn new-wave bruisers Les Savy Fav. One of the most remarkable acts to ever emerge from America's post-punk melting pot: a gang of sharp-dressed art students and a frenzied, hairy front man that dresses as a pirate, Les Savy Fav bring the art of confrontation back to rock 'n' roll, but barb their brash physical assault with a musical ingenuity and fierce intelligence. The incredible Rome (Written Upside Down) EP was the first audio document to properly capture the Les Savy live sound--essentially, a lithe, danceable new-wave rush peppered with electronics--Go Forth embellishes on even that, adding beats and synthesiser to the tight, jarring musical clatter. Front man Tim Harrington's lyrics are as enlightening, and paradoxically, as elliptical as ever--a frantic mix of cryptic intellectual allusions and cut-and-paste wordplay ("I crave to catch an edge/ Break bones and cartilage/ Send back the architects of Carthage", he hollers, nonsensically, on "One To Three"). But any pseudery is broken down by the sense of righteous zeal that's at the very centre of Les Savy's musical design. With so much of the alternative sector lost to irony, decadence, and self-absorption, Go Forth sounds as pure and true as a missionary's teachings. --Louis Pattison

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