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Electrelane - Rock It To The Moon

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2001-04-30

Despite the impression that may be given by its title (Rock It to the Moon), Electrelane's debut album is not a work of unreconstructed head-banging to file alongside School's Out and Back in Black. Instead, Electrelane's peer group is to be found at the more esoteric edges of electronic lo-fi, at the end of a lineage that descends through Suicide and Stereolab. The dedication of the album to a lengthy list of female musicians, writers and politicians suggests that some sort of agenda is being pursued at the heart of Rock It to the Moon, but it's difficult to tell--vocals, when there are any, are delivered in an exaggerated childlike whine, reminiscent of Cranes' Alison Shaw or Hugo Largo's Mimi Goese. That aside, the songs bristle with energy and ideas, and suggest that Electrelane might cross the divide between promising and delivering if they can grow out of their apparent terror of accessibility. --Andrew Mueller

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