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Clearlake - Lido

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2001-04-09

Compounding the more imaginative elements of UK guitar music from the last decade and a half into their debut album Lido, Clearlake resemble a lot of other bands while masterfully managing to sound like themselves. Singer Jason Pegg's purposefully glamour-free vocals, plain-spoken lyrics and ability to add spark to the mundane add the necessary distinction when they ape the Wedding Present for "I Hang on Every Word You Say" and "Don't Let The Cold In" or early Blur with "Let Go" and "These Things Are Sent to Try Us", while providing the light-hearted pop spin as they indulge their morose Radiohead side on just about everything else. Which is probably just as well, because when Clearlake do their own thing, their sense of naff humour is too much to bear, as the daft and irksomely twee "Jumble Sailing" with its overly cute "We'll be just like two millionaires going out on a spree/We'll know it won't break the bank 'cos it's only 10p" proves. Hugely derivative as Lido is, when their sly humour and clever melodies are set to their darkest backdrops ("Sunday Evening", and "Winterlight") its charm is undeniably potent. --Dan Gennoe

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