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Bantam Rooster - Fuck All Y'all

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2001-04-09

In another era, this would have been called grunge. The dirty, fuzzed-down production on Fuck All Y'All, the third album from this demented Detroit duo (courtesy of Jim "Dirtbombs" Diamond, the man behind the scene) is absolutely reminiscent of Mudhoney's equally fine debut of fucked-up blues and garage, even down to Thomas Jackson Potter's crazed screaming and signature licks. That's more than mighty fine, though: music this energetic and righteous doesn't appear every year, and the Rooster practices it better than almost anyone: while "This Time" might recall fellow feted duo The White Stripes in its raw minimalism, Fuck All Y'All has a brutality and simplicity and sheer full-on excitement most definitely its own. Basically, another solid gold, dyed-in-the-wool garage classic from the label with the most. --Everett True

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