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Summer Camp - Young

by Miz DeShannon Rating:8 Release Date:2010-09-06

Summer Camp is a new project from musician Jeremy Warmsley and long-term journalist friend Elizabeth Sankey, kept under wraps for some time, with much speculation as to whether they were another New York based arty outfit or a Scandinavian pop sensation. Quite different from Warmsley's solo music, the Young EP has hints of surf, electro, lots of drum machines and lots of reverb.

First thoughts on hearing 'Round the Moon' are of The Human League, with Warmsley's voice sounding eerily like Phil Oakey, and a synth intro Ultravox would be envious of. The simplicity of the song is admirable, with Sankey's layered vocals adding to the 80s pop sound. 'Was It Worth It' is of a similar ilk, with swooshing sample sounds, effortless vocals harmonies and lyrics about being treated well in a relationship: "It makes me feel so down, like I'm gonna die" - so much for the happy-go-lucky vibe Warmsley stated they have!

'Veronica Sawyer' is full of ethereal vocal sounds and more of a dour Joy Division feel, as is Why Don't You Stay, definitely more of the melancholic and dreamy side of the duo's writing than dancy pop. Having similarities to the lo-fi electro of The Drums, as well as girly pop of the Vivian Girls and Beach House, 'Ghost Train' shows this off perfectly, with a bouncy melody and twee chorus. The guitar in 'Jake Ryan' again reflects the surf influence Summer Camp have, and yet still isn't too far removed from their nostalgic 80s style.

Summer Camp have cited influences such as The Beach Boys and Motown classics, and this assessment isn't far wrong. Young is ,all in all, a light-hearted and simple six track mix of electro-pop music and bright and breezy lyrics, beautiful in it's simplicity and straightforward delivery.

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