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Trentemoller - Into the Great Wide Yonder

by Laura Richards Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-06-22

Into the Great Wide Yonder marks a departure for Danish producer Anders Trentemøller from dark, digital vibes to optimistic, analogue sounds, losing a lot of his individuality and intrigue along the way.

Trentemøller dominated the techno scene in 2006 with the release of his fantastically dark debut, The Last Resort, an album that intricately weaved inspired and menacing electronica with melancholy-laden vocals, making it a nocturnal affair. However, Into the Great Wide Yonder is the dawn of a new day; an optimistic sea change that sees the Danish producer experimenting with more uplifting sounds, much to his detriment.

The album may be a distinctive new direction and possibly even a letdown after such a mood-drenched debut, but there are still moments of top-class production that remind you just how good Trentemøller is at capturing a feeling. Album opener 'Mash and the Furry' is an epic and ceremonial triumph. Meanwhile, delicious female vocals on '…Even Though You're With Another Girl' and 'Sycamore Feeling' reek of a haunting obsession that has featured heavily in Trentemøller's previous work. 'Shades of Marble' is a carefully-crafted combination of strings, synths and pulsating electronica that is somehow simultaneously euphoric and ever-haunting.

However, 'Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!', an homage to Pulp Fiction's 'Miserlou', could not be more misplaced; a bold, brazen and fast-paced track that lacks the understated magic that Trentemøller creates when at his best. And optimistic 'Tide' would not be out of place on a Café Del Mar compilation.

Unfortunately, by experimenting with a more commercial and optimistic sound, Trentemøller loses some of his characteristically edgy appeal.

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