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Gallops - Gallops

by Steve Rhodes Rating:9 Release Date:2010-08-23

A mindboggling debut from Gallops, an instrumental mash of guitars and electronica of an EP jam-packed with ideas. Opener '0100011101001111' gives a brief impression of what's to come, a short delicate introduction with an atmospheric, Eno-esque wild ambience, but cemented with a crushing electronic pulse.

'On the Manatee', arguably the lead song, sums up the EP the best. It starts with the spirit of early Sebadoh and Mudhoney, but then suddenly warps into Late of the Pier-esque glitchyness in one foul swoop, before finally evolving into 65 Days of Static meets M83 at their loudest. A terrific microcosm of ideas in one song.

'Sonderhof' is dominated by a slow-building riff, again with added computer game-like bleepiness - imagine Moss from The IT Crowd rocking out to Sunn o))). 'Defbox' and 'Miami Spider' continue the other-world theme, like The Clangers meets John-Michael Jarre via Fugazi, or Errors simultaneously discovering the ZX Spectrum and Black Sabbath.

Gallops is a deliriously catchy, wildly inventive and exciting debut. Loaded with changes of pace and style, it is well worth seeking numerous listens. Who needs vocals when you've got this many concepts crammed into one EP.

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Great review as always, Steve!

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