Mice Parade - What It Means to Be Left Handed

by Paul Downey Rating:9.5 Release Date:2010-09-21

The sixth album from Mice Parade is a superb showcase of indie pop, which really elevates the band to another level. The tracks here are full of sound, with flamenco guitars, two drum kits and percussion all encorporated to create a really full-on sound which makes the album a very enjoyable listen.

Opener 'Kupanda' is a summery delight, with bongo drums and the flamenco guitar taking centre stage to set the album on its way. The free flowing indie pop of 'Do You Ever See Sparks' and short-but-sweet 'Even' recall Teenage Fanclub at their finest, with the vocals mixing so effortlessly into the catchy tunes on show.

'Mallo Cup' was made for the radio with its driving guitars, and is a sound which bands like Snow Patrol yearn for but fall short of. The highlight is the chameleon that is 'Recover', which begins as such a sombre affair which talks of better times ahead, but over its three and a half minute course becomes an uplifting almost epic affair by the end. Closer 'Mary Ann' again shows the band's softer side with a very downbeat piano-led track.

There is little doubt Mice Parade have created something special, with some really delicious indie pop which doesn't just rely on guitars but has the innovation to trust other instruments and for this they should be applauded.

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