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Pontiak - Living

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2010-09-06

Every album has a place in which to be played and best enjoyed; some have more than one, but Pontiak's 'Living' is not one of those albums. You have to be prepared, have no preconceptions or wishes you want fulfilling. In short, you need to be dedicated to the listening process.

How does a person describe such music? It's definitely a change. Only a handful of the songs contain lyrics and even those are sparse in the use of words. Instead, this is an album more about sound and instrumental composition than flowery verse, protests or hoarse yelling. 'Original Vestal' is a series of thuds, in no particular structure; it keeps you guessing and alert - although it shouldn't be the second track in the running order. Does anyone remember the distant drumming sound from the movie Jumanji? If so, then you'll feel the same sensation listening to the drums on tracks such as 'And By Night' and 'Second Sun'. They feel like approaching stampedes but without the crescendo, creating a paranoid sense of anticipation. The drawback of this technique is that it can often leave you feeling a little let down.

Of course, as stated at the beginning of this article, this is no album to have blasting away in your car or at a party, but there are some songs which actually resemble traditional song structures. 'This is Living' is a key track which keeps the minimal psychedelic feel of the album but with the elixir of pop running through its veins. 'Forms of the' is another song written with a slightly more normal sense of composition but it's quickly followed with the best instrumental track of the album, 'Thousand Citrus'. Here, once again, the drums rumble and riffs are carved from the face of this solid slab of rock; by the end of the track you almost feel like there should have been lyrics just to push the song that one stage further.

While this is no album for the masses, it will keep the listener entertained. You need to be patient, good things will come to those who wait, but this is a world where attention spans are short and so it's no surprise that few people will want to wait. This is an album welcome only in solitude and darkness, for contemplation and meditation; here, and only here, will the atmosphere swallow you and like you best.

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