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The Count & Sinden - Mega Mega Mega

by Owen Tonks Rating:8 Release Date:2010-08-23

The Count and Sinden have gone from strength to strength since their initial rise to fame in 2008. The DJ and producer duo Joshua Harvey and Graeme Sinden got off to a pretty good start when they were signed to the same label as major acts such as the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

All too often dance music is a sound completely lacking any personality in which people get lost deep within the bowles of a heaving club but Mega Mega Mega shows off Count and Sinden's charm and experience as a live act. The album launches straight into a hedonistic sound with 'Do You Really Want It' and continues with an energetic, adrenaline provoking vibe throughout.

This record is packed with collaborations including 'After Dark' featuring The Mystery Jets and 'Hardcore Girls' featuring Rye Rye cementing the commercial sound that is likely to boost sales and shift CDs.

Overall this is a decent album for a dance fan and is good for driving, the dancefloor, or even the bedroom floor.

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