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The Smiles and Frowns - The Smiles and Frowns

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-08-16

Indebted to Syd Barrett and psychedelics-era Beatles, Arizona duo The Smiles and Frowns have a sweet but wholly trad sound. The opening brace of songs on this debut LP, 'Sam' and 'Cornelius' are both sugary examples of gentle psych-pop, while 'Memory Man' is like a ghostly Paul McCartney song, it's perky piano plod and chippy vocals furled in sound effects of howling wind and echoing train noises.

There's definitely solid song-craft at work here, but since it's put to the service of faithfully recreating such classic sounds, The Smiles and the Frowns actually feels a little hackneyed. It's also set at a permanently lazy pace. 'When the Time Should Come', for example, is an even more unruffled version of The Beatles' 'I'm Only Sleeping'. What may make the album a compelling listen for some are the spacey, eerie effects which swirl around most songs, even if the songs themselves are just inconsequential, pretty folk ditties.

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