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Fuzzy Lights - Twin Feathers

by Paul Downey Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-08-16

Twin Feathers by Fuzzy Lights can probably best be described as a mixed bag of the bizarre and quite beautiful. The tracks fleet between ochestral and folk sounds, with five out of the nine tracks coming in at over the six minute mark.

The highlight is the epic 'Fallen Trees', which blends an acoustic folk vibe, richly complimented by the soaring and dreamy vocals of Rachel Watkins. Around the five minute mark (of its seven-minutes-36-seconds) the track becomes something else entirely as it transformed into instrumental mayhem with crashing drums and a whole new dimension is found in Fuzzy Lights.

In the main, the tracks which do succeed here, are the ones involving the vocals of Rachel, whereas the vocal contributions of husband Xavier don't quite fit with the music explored. 'Shipwrecks' is another fine example, as a track appearing to be going nowhere until Ms Watkins' vocals transform the track and inject life.

'Rituals' is another poignant moment, but maybe drags on slightly as the listener may become fed up with its repetitive nature after just over eight minutes. Opener 'Obscura' is aptly titled, and takes us to a very distant place, is atmospheric without being moody, and the ochestral sound employed works very well here.

'Sea and the Heather' is an excellent closer, being more of a folky affair which is very free flowing and accessible whilst still being quite unique. The only real disappointment is 'Lucida', an instrumental which lacks direction, and never really gains any sort of flow throughout.

There are encouraging signs here from Fuzzy Lights, and indications they could yet become underground heroes.

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