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The Snakes - Sometime Soon

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2010-09-27

Think country-blues and you usually picture dusty American small backwaters, not Muswell Hill. However, Americana-esque band The Snakes are out to change the British country music scene with their second album Sometime Soon which combines enough musical styles to quell the hungriest reptile's appetite.

Creating smooth harmonies on opener 'Interview' with its nice piano melody and closer 'Black Cat', which sounds more like a Scorpions cover than a Snakes original, the band showcase their layered sound.

Elsewhere, 'What Have I Done to You?' brings a latin guitar flavour to the proceedings, whereas those seeking the blues need look no further than 'Refrigerator Blues' swirling harmonica and 'Jesus in a Box' with its almost Hendrix-like fuzzy guitar.

For those who like melody amidst the country-tinged melancholy, 'Promised Land' gives us a Tom Petty sound while 'We Can Fly' invites a toe-tapping response with its brief but harmonic tune. The nice acoustic pluck of 'Cumberland Breeze' will similarly linger in the memory with its melancholy tale of nature's lure.

However, the album excels with two songs. The slightly out of place 'Tin Foil Town' sounding like the sort of melodic guitar-pop you might expect to hear emerge from Glasgow's city lights and the equally delightful 'Come My Way', a song The Proclaimers themselves would kill to have written.

With Bob Harris and Mark Lamarr as big fans, it seems The Snakes might be coiling a few more fans together with this effort sometime soon.

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