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Sky Larkin - Kaleide

by Hiro Master Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-08-09

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but what about judging an album by its cover art? If you were to take a look at the cover of indie-pop trio Sky Larkin's new album Kaleide then you wouldn't be able to wait to hear what's inside.

The first chapter is the single 'Still Windmills', which carries on from the band's first album The Golden Spike, as a strong and catchy indie-pop tune, with a sporadic and discordant guitar sound, driving drums and Katie Harkin's sometimes sweet, sometimes yelping vocals. Title track, 'Kaleide', follows suit, as does 'Tiny Heist' and 'Landlocked'. In fact, most of the songs from this album follow the format that was set on the first album.

This is not to say that there isn't any development. Songs seem a tidier, heavier and a little more experimental. Perhaps the biggest departure comes on 'Angelica Huston', which shows a change of pace with a slower beat and Harkin's vocals turning the actress' name into a howl.

The beauty is in the detail with this album which is littered with little moments that could easily be missed on a single listen. The barely audible ending to 'Landlocked' is a blink and you'll miss it moment and lyrics like "keep the change, keep up the change" from 'Smarts' are clever and witty and again easily missed.

The final chapter, 'Smarts', is where Sky Larkin hit you with a plot twist. The stripped-back song has a hollow sound that still manages to climatically build and I kept it on repeat. Harkin's vocals give the song a sweet sadness that leaved you wishing the album hadn't finished there, and wondering what the band might produce next - a thrilling cliff-hanger.

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