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Various Artists - Hobbyism

by Laura Richards Rating:7 Release Date:2010-08-16

Record label Full Time Hobby showcases the talents that have been taken under its wings on Hobbyism, a compilation that hopes to comprise the best of the latest releases from the label and includes new tracks from Fujiya & Miyagi and School of Seven Bells while stepping back to 2009 releases from the likes of Malcolm Middleton and White Denim.

Simon Tong's latest band Erland & the Carnival kick things off with a folk track heavily doused in tropical psychedelia. Hobbyism returns to a similar note at the end of the compilation with psychedelic-rock from White Denim who sound like a modern-day Led Zeppelin on track 'Mirrored and Reversed'.

Fujiya & Miyagi continue to break boundaries on 'Taiwanese Boots', a bizarre yet refreshing blend of funk guitar and slick rhythm drums accompanied by scat singing and peculiar lyrics about foodstuffs and footwear. School of Seven Bells' 'Babelonia' blends folk and electronica to produce glossy, fem pop that goes a great way towards highlighting Full Time Hobby's current relevance as a record label, as does 'It Breaks' by Tunng, a rousing and chanty folk anthem from the experimental sextet.

Another dimension to the record label is revealed by Malcolm Middleton, the once member of Arab Strap, whose 'Carry Me' is a trademark haunting lullaby where Malcolm's Scottish lilt poses questions on youth and mortality. '2s and 3s' by Micah P. Hinson feels like a sonic journey through the Wild West, whilst The Leisure Society generate the most beautiful moody, moon-lit folk on 'We Were Wasted'.

As a whole, Hobbyism boasts the success of Full Time Hobby as an independent label that, although unafraid of delving into the more experimental offshoots of indie, folk and neo-psychedelic music, carefully considers the sounds it produces, making this compilation a progressive labour of love as opposed to a mere hobby.

Laura Richards

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