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Luke Jackson - And Then Some

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-09-06

With this album listed as having two sides, it seems appropriate to analyse it in such a fashion. After just a single listen it will be clearer that side one is the weaker of the two, but as you really breathe it in, the gap becomes even greater than first thought.

'Come Tomorrow' has all the pop joy and hooks but sadly all the clichés too, while 'Goodbye London' is a confusing ode to a city which Mr Jackson will miss, despite the admission that the drugs are crap and you'll be mugged for your mobile phone on a whim; wonder why he's saying goodbye then? The saving grace for side one is 'Little Voice' where some deft picking and weeping strings are married perfectly. Side two has much more energy and the pieces start to fall together a little better. '1970s Kids TV Show Theme' is an instrumental which does exactly what it says on the tin, evoking a simple curiosity with bells and xylophones - it's familiar and yet somehow magical - a simple outlet of creativity not heard on children's television anymore.

It speaks volumes when the best track of an album is an instrumental however, because no matter how much you want to like Luke Jackson, his vocals seem stuck between actually singing and a more conversational style in which he just talks to you loudly down the pub over the noise of the local band. He does however get things right on the more anthemic 'Longest Day' and the intelligent 'The Fear' (both from side two) where organs groan and steel lap guitars whine respectively, but in the end these are rarities within the grand scheme. With great production and some excellent use of his friends to produce an orchestra there is a solid and professional sound. You get your money's worth - it's just the man himself who lets the whole thing down slightly. More of side two in future please?

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