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The Breeders - Title TK

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2002-05-20

Although a lot has obviously changed in the world of music in over the last 10- years, Title TK sounds as if the Breeders got stuck in a time machine after their generation-defining mega-hit album Last Splash, and booked themselves into the same sessions that bore Pod way back in 1990.

Yes, the Breeders have regressed a bit, but as fans of Pod will agree, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Title TK is a wilfully sloppy taste of the 1990s indie revival that is, inevitably, just around the corner. Recorded by Steve Albini using analogue technology, it features the Breeders' trademarks: fuzzy guitars and the virtually indistinguishable lazy harmonies of sister-duo Kim and Kelly Deal, as well as an enviable command of pop, especially on "Huffer", "Son of Three" and "Full On Idle" (all of which clock in under three minutes each). Meanwhile, sparer songs like "Sinister Foxx" and "The She" ("You move so slow/you're not even here") practically define the word "slacker" (but, you know, in the Generation-X sense).

It's an entertaining piece of retro-pop culture, a relic of a time when young men in charity-shop cardigans strode the earth like titans. Maybe it's an anachronism, but it's an entertaining one. --Robert Burrow

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