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Glassjaw - Worship & Tribute

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2002-09-23

At the vanguard of hardcore's evolution stand Glassjaw: five Long Island-born straight-edgers sporting a firmly progressive approach to punk-rock, and a fantastic second album in the shape of Worship and Tribute. Frontman Daryl Palumbo is the band's immediate touchstone: on lyrically adventurous songs like "The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports" and "Trailer Park Jesus" he wages war on American cultural orthodoxy, his rocky, undulating vocal morphing between a raw-nerve croon and a tortured shriek sharp enough to cut glass. Where the band truly differs from their nu-metal and conventional hardcore peers is in the arrangements, however: tracks like "Mu Empire" and "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss" combine Faith No More-style anthemicism with a complex post-hardcore structure that could put Fugazi to shame, while "Ape Dos Mil" reins in the pure noise, guitarist! s Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock turning down and wringing twisted melodies and shimmering walls of ambience out of their instruments as Palumbo weaves a tale of obsessional love in a high, shivery vibrato. They're a thoroughly uncompromising band, but Glassjaw are as fearlessly individual as At the Drive-In, and every bit as good. Worship and Tribute presents the new hardcore heroes-in-waiting. --Louis Pattison

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