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The Von Bondies - Lack Of Communication

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2002-05-06

The Von Bondies' Lack Of Communication is another rough gem of a garage-punk album. If you drew a line direct from Jon Spencer to The Strokes and back again to White Stripes, making sure you take a long detour amid the bars of Detroit, you'd be sure to chance across the Von Bondies somewhere along the way. Their debut album blisters with blues, rock'n'roll, primal energy, garage, bottleneck angst--anything you want to call it really. Front man Jason Stollsteimer possesses a fine, sexually charged howl which is sure to gain him an instant cult following. Songs draw their inspiration from alcohol ("Nite Train"), gallows humour ("Cass And Henry") and traditional Americana ("No Sugar Mama"). With the Dirtbombs' own Jim Diamond at the production helm, you know you're getting the full Detroit Monty.--Everett True

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