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The Cooper Temple Clause - See Through This And Leave

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2003-09-15

"A killer key change is all you'll ever need," Cooper Temple Clause singer Ben Gautrey howls excitedly on "Who Need Enemies?". This neatly sums up the vibe on See This Through and Leave, an adventurous, noisy, eclectic debut album from a Reading six-piece best known, thus far, for their "Let's Kill Music" mini-hit from 2001. Unlike many a contemporary Brit guitar band, the Clause have, firstly, listened to a lot of weird and wonderful music; secondly, have no interest in being the new Radiohead or Jeff Buckley; and, thirdly, seem too excitable to sit on stools and strum tasteful acoustic guitar. Consequently, See This Through.. travels from the dubby electronic textures of opener "Did You Miss Me?", through the mighty space-thrash of "Panzer Attack", to the troubled grandiosity of the final "Murder Song". Admittedly, the lack of truly killer hooklines, and the slightly predictable Liam/Kelly Jones nature of Gautrey's vocals, means that the Clause are not world-beaters just yet. But, for a first album from a band still in their early 20s, See This Through... exudes unusual confidence, ambition and skill. --Garry Mulholland

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