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Death In Vegas - Scorpio Rising

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2002-09-14

Scorpio Rising follows the same approach as Death in Vegas' remarkable predecessor, The Contino Sessions. Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes corral a host of special guests to populate their barbed soundscapes and their knack for finding the perfect environment to bring out the best in their chosen guest is as sure as ever. Liam Gallagher excels himself on the title track, inspired by cult filmmaker Kenneth Anger's celebrated movie, Paul Weller brings just the right measure of disdain to a simmering version of Gene Clark's "So You Say You Lost Your Baby", while Hope Sandoval's sultry tones bring a sensual glow to the storming finale "Help Yourself". Throughout, Indian violinist Doctor Subramanian helps flesh out the eclectic but perfectly tailored backing tracks. Fearless and Holmes display the sort of insight that would be the envy of any record company A&R department. --Gavin Martin

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