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Teej - I Got Electrocuted

Teej's latest effort I Got Electrocuted is an arresting experience, distinguished by its creator's enthusiasm, melodic gifts, and devotion to analogue synthesizers. Although the EP sounds understandably rough around the edges, this lends charm to the songs, and the marriage of form and content works well.

The feisty beatbox nous of the title track, which is the standout track, impertinently offsets the guitar with overblown keyboards and skittering drums. 'Plural' (featuring Tom Knight) ambitiously constructs a prog rock jam of not insignificant proportions around the guest drummer's Stewart Copeland-esque drum lick. 'Heart Timing', with its ambiguous chords, kick drum pulse, and rocking rhythm, cradles the listener in a Mogwai-esque rhapsody. 'Sound Speed Ashes' continues in a similar vein, as a melodic bass strides imperiously forward above a backdrop of undulating tonalities, but strangely the mix seems out of kilter with the other tracks. 'Flying Deep' is an accomplished take on the1980s pop anthem, with shimmering textures, funky bass, and expansive swells drenched in reverb.

From the irreverent charm of the title track to the more sober explorations elsewhere on I Got Electrocuted, the songs are on the whole easy to like, although some of the songs falter in the latter stages and struggle to reach a natural conclusion. Covering a broad spectrum of influences, but without a single overall style, the EP is let down by its lack of cohesion, but it is nevertheless a lot of fun.

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