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David Celia - I Tried

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5.5 Release Date:2010-08-09

David Celia must see himself as a jack of all trades, because with his latest release he takes his light-pop sound to a number of different genres. It's a shame however, that he can only manage to nail a couple of those in his somewhat faltering album.

Just as with every great story, every great album needs a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning of I Tried is somewhat lacklustre, songs such as 'Turnout' and 'Wishful Thinking' tread water with average pop hooks and very little ingenuity. Luckily a gooey and fun centre appears with the sunshine beach pop of 'Sergio' a song about a man who is everybody's best friend: "He wears a hat, has a moustache in a Zappa kind of way, his nose is holding cheap sunglasses for those extra sunny days". It makes even the most reclusive and miserable of people want to go and do cartwheels with their new pal Sergio. 'I'm not Texan' and 'Instant Puppy Love' are two sides of country, the former arguing that Mr Celia isn't country, the latter proving that he could make a decent go of being country rocker.

Things start to fade faster the closer we get to albums end, where he makes a ham-fisted attempt at folk and psychedelic music. It leaves you wanting more of what only just passed, because the truth is that David can turn his hand to many sounds with very few instruments; it's just his lyrics which are at times too generic and ineffectual, loaned too much from the pop world one might say.

In the end, kudos has to be given to David Celia as it takes a brave soul to attack such an eclectic bag of songs with the amount of vim and optimism as he has done so here. He refuses to be monotonous and delights in attempting to spring a surprise for the listener in every song. If he is a jack of all trades then, sadly, he is also a master of none.

Nathan Fidler

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