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Sad Day For Puppets - Pale Silver & Shiny Gold

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2010-09-06

Obviously fed up with being famous for Abba and Roxette's playful pop, Sweden's artistic types have now decided dark works best. Hailing from the same town as the setting of the recent massive cult film success Let the Right One In, Sad Day for Puppets emerge from the cold with their second album after the well received Unknown Colours - only this time the colours are clear from the title alone.

Much like the vampires the country is becoming well known for, Pale Silver & Shiny Gold is a monster in disguise. Underneath the sprightly Indie-pop of 'Touch's radio-friendly guitar crunch lies a darker beast which rears its head on the much rockier 'Such a Waste' and 'Anne Says Pt II'.

Opener 'Sorrow, Sorrow' certainly doesn't give this impression. The best song on the album, its soft guitar and ghostly harmonies show off singer Anna Eklund's vocals well paired with sister Annika's as the pair plead "Sorrow, sorrow, come back tomorrow/ I've got no tears for you today." Similarly 'Touch' and 'Shadows', though rockier, could have been penned by Noel Gallagher himself as decent b-sides; lively, fuzzy three minute gems. 'Beads' is a pleasant, slower acoustic ballad which, coming in the middle of the album, gives the whole a nice balance.

However, for every good track there's an equally tepid grungy track to compensate. 'Monster & The Beast' and 'Such a Waste' are both forgettable, lost in repetitive noise. Thankfully though the album ends well with the Cranberries-sounding 'First Time' and the more anthemic closer 'Tingle in My Hand'. Both show a band more comfortable and confident with melodic rock, and all the better for it.

It's probably apt that the title seems to fit the album well; some songs are golden, others pale imitations of bigger band's better efforts. Sticking to the more radio-friendly fare though might see these sad puppets become gleeful masters after all.

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