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Noonday Underground - The K-O chorale

by Paul Downey Rating:6 Release Date:2010-04-13

The Noonday Underground want to take you on a journey, to a bizarre yet peaceful world where music hasn't evolved from the simplistic styles of Barbershop in the 50s. Some of the songs on here feel like they are pulled straight from a Disney film, they are so sugar coated. 'Girl of My Dreams' and opener 'My Silent Heart' provide the blueprint for the entire record with an almost fairytale poignancy.

There isn't much variation between tracks but the sound is completely out of touch with anything you will have heard in some time. The album finishes with two of its stronger efforts: 'Falling for You' and 'Kiss Me' which employ an array of instruments including the flute and trumpets, with the sound, excluding the lyrics, recalling a hybrid of The Mamas and Pappas and The Beach Boys.

The main problem is the songs, and the album as a whole is just a bit short. All 13 tracks are wrapped within just over half-an-hour, and the longest track being three minutes 18 seconds, which makes them quite expendable and not really memorable. So the Noonday Underground's fourth album offers a variation from the run of the mill - just don't expect the magic to last.

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