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Regional Creeps - Never Gonna Happen

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2019-09-07
Regional Creeps - Never Gonna Happen
Regional Creeps - Never Gonna Happen

Never Gonna Happen by Regional Creeps drifts in on a wave of instantly memorable indie-pop jangle. Some albums take a while to really get into while others seem to leap from the speakers, melodies intertwined with your subconscious from the very first spin. Put simply, the Barnsley-based 4-piece have made the kind of album you just can’t get out of your head.

The band has been building up to releasing their debut album for some time now, having released 6 rather wonderful singles over the last 6 months. Each song has been accompanied by a suitably lo-fi video, giving us a glimpse into the bands fun and resolutely DIY world. You can hear those songs here along with 3 more.

Each single has been under 3 minutes long and bursting with the kind of melodic charm that reminds me of The Pastels and other like-minded indie souls. Make no mistake this is a thoroughly indie record. Not a stadium or car endorsement in sight.

Kipreos and Duvall started the band after Bruja, their last band, split. The two songwriters locking themselves away in the indie-pop bunker for 2 years to hone their craft. Inadvertently writing a debut album, they finally recorded the songs for prosperity with Andrey Pavlovic from Leeds-based punks Allusinlove.

Bassist Sam Horton and Allusinlove drummer Connor Fisher-Atack arrived to help lay down the tracks. After 7 days, they had a rather fine debut album. Horton joined the band permanently afterwards while Josh Hinds and Mark Rochman jumped on board to provide drums.

The album starts with the subtly sublime ‘Queen Jean’, easily one of my favourite singles of the year. The frustration, the melancholy and the cautious optimism, it’s all here in the opening moments.  Co-vocalists Giannis Kipreos and Zach Duvall singing, “Threw my shoes in the bin/ never get away/ take it on the chin/ days not over yet”.

The album carries a distinct sound over it’s, all too brief, 25 minutes run time. The guitars jangle and shimmer with just the right amount of fuzz as the vocals glide over the top. The songs infused with sunshine and sadness in equal measure. The crestfallen ‘In My Room’ designed for daydreaming and long afternoons inside.

There’s the occasional hint of Pavement in the guitars and the smooth, Velvet’s influenced slacker pop of The Proper Ornaments and Ultimate Painting. The music here summons images of messy bedsits and lethargic longing. The lyrics might hint at being skint, tired and out of luck but the overall effect is utterly blissful. Get comfy on the sofa and let the album put you under its melancholic spell.

There’s absolutely no waste to be found, no unsightly excess fat. Kipreos and Duvall know how to write a bright, insanely catchy pop single and aren’t about to hide that under layers of overdubs and unnecessary solos. Just listen to the superb ‘Friends Don’t Wanna Leave’ or the gorgeous ‘For Real’, there’s some really fantastic songwriting going on here.

The end of the album finds the band exhausted and heading to ‘Bed for 9’ with one last slice of effortless, blissful and dream-like indie-pop. The chorus blooms as the duo sigh, “I’ll come through/ Waste the day with you/ All this time who knew/ It was your favourite thing to do”.

Regional Creeps are in this for all the right reasons, they love music. If they weren’t releasing a debut album I’m sure Kipreos and Duvall would still be playing their songs in front rooms and sheds across Barnsley. The songs rattling around their head’s far too good to stay unwritten.

Prolific by nature, the band has promised “a new Regional Creeps album every year from now on”. Best leave the huge gaps between albums and relentless overthinking to those other bands. If you’re in need of a euphoric hit of pure indie-pop then you really need to check this out. Never gonna happen? I beg to differ.

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